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Title: Bedtime Stories
Author/Artist: [ profile] antiphobia
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy (implied), Joanna
Rating: PG / FRA
Summary: Captain Kelvin and his daring crew explore the galaxy, boldly going where no one has gone before...
Notes/Warnings: A response for this prompt. Pure and unadulterated fluff. Daddy!Bones + cute!Joanna bonding.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not ever, and completely wishing it were.

"Once upon a time," He starts, voice whisper soft against Joanna's curls as he holds her in his arms, her back against his chest. "in the far away regions of deepest space the great ship Europa floats among the stars on her journey home."

Joanna shifts beneath his mouth, tilting her head back to stare wide-eyed and awed at her father. "Captain Kelvin!"

Leonard laughed at the jubilant cry and nodded, "That's right, darlin'. Captain Kelvin and his intrepid crew had themselves another adventure that I thought you might appreciate tonight."

"Did they run into more space pirates?"

"No, not this time but there was an attempted take over of the Europa by an insidious infestation of tribbles."

Joanna laughed high and delighted and wriggled herself onto her stomach to wrap her spindly little arms around her father's chest. She rested her cheek over the reassuring beat of his heart and sighed.

"Tribbles aren't insidious, Daddy. They're fuzzy and cute, and I think I want one for my birthday!"

"Yeah, that ain't happenin'." Because he could just imagine trying to give her one and Jocelyn throwing a hissy fit despite Leonard having taken the precaution to sterilize the creature beforehand. Hell, Scotty managed it. "Especially after the trouble the Europa's crew got into with them."

"Did Mr. Mobile's pet tribble have babies?" She asked. "I thought Lucy II was fixed?"

Oh she had been, he wanted to say, but someone idiot from Xenobiological Studies decided to make the fuzz ball their pet project without permission. He didn't, of course, because he knew the moment he opened his mouth he'd probably start bitching about incompetence and Ensigns that shouldn't have been let off Earth much less out of the Academy. Instead he shook his head and tilted his head back to star up at the stars hanging in the clear night sky.

"Taverdyne - remember her?"

"She's the scientist that tripped over Keenser and busted one of Mr. Mobile's nacelle chambers!"

Leonard smiled, "That's right. Anyway, Taverdyne decided she was lonely and wanted to clone Lucy II so she could have a tribble all her own but what Taverdyne didn't realize was that you couldn't replicate a tribble that's already been chemically castrated so they can't asexual procreate."

"Daddy!" Joanna was giggling under his chin now, a little fist thumping his shoulder, and chastised lightly, "You're using big words again."

"Oh, forgive me for expecting my little genius to know what I'm talkin' about. Wasn't it your teachers that was prasin' how far you were advancin' in your studies?"

"Yeah but this is a story and stories don't need all those big fancy words!"

He laughed and poked her gently in the side with a finger making her squeal and squirm. "Okay fine, but no more interruptions from the peanut gallery." That had his baby girl - who really wasn't a baby at age nine - settling back down and making a show of pulling her fingers across her mouth in the universal lips sealed gesture.

"Now, back to the story: Taverdyne stole Lucy II while Mobile and Keenser were called away to fix a section of the Europa that had been needing repairs that couldn't wait until their next check at a Federation space dock...."

The story lasted well into Gamma shift, Leonard's voice giving life to the events that had cumulated four days of insanity aboard the fabled Europa with Joanna paying rapt attention throughout until finally her lids began to droop and yawns cracked her jaw every few minutes. She stubbornly refused to admit she was tired so Leonard kept talking. It wasn't long, however, before Jo's breath became even and deep, eyes close and lost in her own little world where Captain Kelvin and his motley crew sailed the Europa through the galaxies looking for adventure.

He promised they'd sleep under the stars but Leonard was a little to old to be sleeping on the floor and the projection equipment he'd wrangled out of the Cosmology department would need to be taken apart and returned before tomorrow evening. It had been the next best thing considering they were orbiting Earth and couldn't exactly pitch a tent on the hull to achieve the goal. He just hoped Joanna enjoyed it as much as he had.

"Hey." A voice called out from the doorway. Leonard turned his head to look over his shoulder while he carefully sat up and got to his feet cradling Joanna in his arms protectively; Jim was leaning against the jam. "Finally out huh?"

"Yeah. She conked out a few minutes ago."

Jim moved into the room, stopping a few feet away from the bed, smiling as his CMO tucked Jo into bed. "So which Captain Kelvin story was it this time?" It had been weird, at first, to find out that McCoy was using the name of the shop that had claimed his father's life as the name of the fictional Captain in the stories the man had been telling his daughter as bed time tales. He'd gotten over it when he'd been allowed to sit in one night to listen and figured out that Captain Kelvin was actually him and that McCoy had been renaming the crew to fit into the fictional adventures of the Europa that were really the Enterprise's missions chopped up and exaggerated enough for a little girl to be entertained with.

"The Trezack Incident or the Tribbles?”

"Tribbles because there's no way in hell I'm tellin' my baby girl about the human trafficking planet that ended in tragedy on all sides." Because there was no way to dress up a travesty like that and make it palatable for a nine year old. "Besides, the tribble story was funny and made her laugh."

He met Jim on the other side of the bed and led him to the sitting area where he nodded to the couch while he moved across the room to grab a bottle from his liquor cabinet and two glasses. Today had been a long one but good. Tomorrow, however, he would be hell. Joanna went back home tomorrow.

Jim patted the cushion beside him and took the bottle and a glass from Leonard's hands, pouring them both a generous splash when the CMO sat down. He knew what was going through his friend's mind, knew that tomorrow was going to be hard on all of them - the entire crew had been charmed by the little girl that bore more than just Dr. McCoy's last name. She might be blue-eyed and had a deeper accent but there was no mistaking who Joanna belonged to.

"It's okay, you know."

"What's that?"

"Sharing this part of yourself, of all of us, with her."

Leonard nodded and sipped at his drink then said in a voice strained with both emotion and the alcohol, "Yeah...just wish I could tell her the truth sometimes, let her know that it really happened and that her daddy's out there doing something more than just disappearing for months and years at a time."

"Don't worry Bones." Jim's smile was genuine and a little bit sad. "She takes after her daddy. I'm sure she knows."



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