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Title: a moment made not found
Author/Artist: [ profile] antiphobia
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy (implied but can be read as Gen)
Rating: PG / FRA
Summary: An answer to this prompt at [ profile] st_xi_kink.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not ever, and completely wishing it were.

When Leonard had been in medical school they called the first week doing ECM* clinicals 'Hell Week' because they, as students, were transplanted from the orderly classroom to the literal chaos of the, in archaic terms, emergency room. It wasn't unheard of during those seven days for the Ghostsº to find themselves so far from floating that they were often found passing out where they'd been stationed from sheer exhaustion due to the constant influx of cases and the chronically understaffed facilities. It was brutal, intense, and weeded out the weak links and soft cored wastes that would chose to specialize in general ailments or transferred to domestic pediatrics.

The collapse of the Pejuntine Monument, a prominent tourist attraction on Reju Deltori, brought those hellish days sharply into focus. Thousands were dead and hundreds more injured. Prime Minister Kuvu requested assistance from Starfleet and were sent three of its closest ships that had the resources and facilities to handle several dozen patients at once. The Enterprise was the first to arrive and thus Leonard and his staff had been given the esteemed honor of triage duties while the rest of the crew, down to the last yeoman they could spare, dug through the rubble looking for the bodies of the those that had been buried under the debris.

Hell Week had nothing on the nine, going on ten, straight days of blood and dust covered bodies flooding sickbay. The entire medical staff had been on constant rotation of 12/3² but more often or not they used stimulants to keep themselves working two, three, and sometimes four straight shifts to try and stem the casualties rate. A faulty system at best but it worked. It came at a price, of course, but by God it worked - Critical cases were becoming fewer, emergency surgery was now down to only one in eight bodies and falling, and now the over stimulated, exhausted doctors, nurses, and technicians were seeing more cases of mildly infected wounds, concussions, minor breaks and fractures, and simple bumps, bruises, and irritated scrapes.

There were even familiar faces among the newest batch of patients, crew that had opted to self-treat or waited until they deemed themselves severe enough to warrant taking up any kind of available room in sickbay. Naturally Captain Kirk was among them with a swollen arm strapped to his chest in a sloppily arranged sling and eyes that broadcast the pain his smile tried to hide. Chapel glared at him until he parked himself on a cot in the corner of the room. Leonard appeared seconds later with a more potent glare and a field case. He set to work in aggravated silence while Kirk tried not to hiss under the ministrations of the knowledgeable hands of his CMO.

“I don’t want a report yet,” He said after the osteoregenerator had made its final pass over what had been simple closed fracture, knitting the bones back together, “but how are things here?”

Leonard didn’t answer immediately, choosing to put away his equipment first and taking out a hypo that he dialed to administer a low dose painkiller. He pressed it against the skin just above Kirk’s elbow and depressed the trigger. After the expected yowl and grumbling passed he finally answered.

“Things are starting to slow down but we’re not out of the woods quite yet.” He knew that the excavation of the monument had slowed over the past several days but that by no means were the efforts to find any remaining victims of the collapsed ceased. There was a real possibility that they could be beaming another critical case aboard at any given moment.

“So there’s nothing that needs your immediate attention, right?” Kirk smiled innocently in the face of the glare and waited until Leonard nodded in answer. “That means you can pull up a piece of cot and sit with me a minute.” He held up a hand to forestall the argument he knew was building the grabbed his friend’s arm. Kirk shifted on the cot and tugged until Leonard complied and sat beside him.

Eventually they ended up leaning against each other which was perfectly fine in Kirk’s book because it looked like his best friend was going to fall over just minutes before when he’d been kneeling in front of him. That lean turned into a slow slide which eventually landed Leonard in Kirk’s lap, fast asleep. The position was awkward and more than likely when Leonard woke up he’d be aching but for now it was better than the alternative which was waking the man up and trying to send him to his room which would end up a fruitless effort because Leonard was a stubborn SOB who‘d insist he was fine and that he‘d sleep when there wasn‘t anything left to do and the last patient had been seen to. So he decided that it was in the best interests of everyone that he carefully rearranged the man’s limbs, straightened him out as best he could, and let his thigh serve as a pillow for a weary head.

Geffory³ found them like that some time later and when he raised an eyebrow, reminiscent of the First Officer, Kirk lifted a finger to his lips and shrugged. It earned the Captain an amused headshake, the CMO a blanket, and a partition to hide them away from the rest of sickbay. It was a hard earned moment of rest and privacy that Kirk appreciated, and gave him an excuse to card his fingers through Leonard’s hair while the doctor slept on.

* Emergent Care Diagnostics
º A term used for Med Students
² 12 hours On Shift/3 Hours Off(resting/passed out)
³ M’Benga’s first name was touted to be both Geoffrey as well as Jabilo. I’ve decided his full name’s Geoffrey Jabilo M’Benga - (another doctor on the Enterprise)



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